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September 8, 2016 heaw81

behind the scenes...

I'm so excited to share these "behind the scenes" pictures taken by my
close friend, Samm Jayne of Paper Angel Photography.


It dawned on me recently that while my couples
LOVE that I cut their flowers a matter of days before their wedding...
they've not actually seen me in action. So here are the results- enjoy!


Arriving at Carol's cutting patch in Eckington is heaven- awesome views and a heap
of flowers to chop. This particular cutting session was for the gorgeous, Tess and Gareth,
who married a few days later in Redditch. I was also asked to create something
special for a photoshoot with local dress designer Sophie Wynne-Owen,
so there'll be lots more photos to share with you at a later date!


So, as you can see, it was a belter of a day- in fact even at 8am it was probably a little too
hot for the flowers to be cut... I could have done with an earlier start to be honest but my
trusty assistant was in tow with a poorly tummy.

hannah-104behind-the-scenes-cutting-ad-creating-british-flowers-3little-helper-2 behind-the-scenes-cutting-ad-creating-british-flowers-4

Whenever I go to cut for my couples weddings,  I like to first identify my key flowers
and "must-haves"... building the colour palette and overall look as I continue to cut.
Tess and Gareth's design brief was a for a colourful and relaxed Summer picnic
so I wanted to build on that with a variety of colour and textures.


Below you'll see me cutting key blooms including  Gaura Lindheimeri, Nepeta Nuda (cat mint), Echinops (for the buttonholes and Dahlias. Other fab additions included Cosmos,
Verbena Bonariensis, Roses, Scabious and Ami Visnaga.behind-the-scenes-cutting-ad-creating-british-flowers-5

behind-the-scenes-cutting-ad-creating-british-flowers-6 behind-the-scenes-cutting-ad-creating-british-flowers-7

lunch break



Once I have everything cut and I'm happy the trolly gets loaded and the car filled...
lunch happens at some point if there's time... but I am usually itching to get the flowers back to my workshop so I can get them fully conditioned and stored in the cool and dark.


Conditioning the flowers is a key part for any florist- it's a process that helps prolong the life of the flowers. Of course, when I cut at the patch the flowers go straight into water but once back at the workshop I systematically go through every stem, removing lower foliage (preventing water pollution from rotting leaves) and re-cutting stems at an angle to enhance water up-take.
Off shoot stems are also cut in order to maximise overall stem count.  


behind-the-scenes-cutting-ad-creating-british-flowers-10 behind-the-scenes-cutting-ad-creating-british-flowers-9


Once conditioned (ideally for 12 hours), I allocate the flowers according to the quote.
I mentally label the Brides bucket of flowers and those for the Bridesmaids,
table arrangements, thank you bouquets, Buttonholes etc etc thus ensuring
that the wedding flowers have an overall balance and look.


Once I've divvied up the flowers I can set about creating!

1-3 1-4 1a


Every designer works differently... but for me... I like to create a base shape using minimal foliage,
adding focal flowers and then building on the overall look by threading in with
transitional and textural elements until complete.

behind-the-scenes-cutting-ad-creating-british-flowers-11 behind-the-scenes-cutting-ad-creating-british-flowers-12



The inevitable mess... means only one thing... finished flowers!




So,  I hope you've enjoyed this post and feel a bit more clued up about how I work
 and go about creating wedding flowers for my couples.


Being part of someone's wedding day is an absolute pleasure and privilege for me
and is made all the better working with locally grown British flowers!


Let's call it a Labour of Love ! 





Photography: Paper Angel Photography
Silk Ribbons: Heirloom Silk AND Lancaster and Cornish,



January 16, 2015 heaw81

Well, it’s nearly Wedding Fayre season for me and I’ll be showing at EWE and I Do In Vintage, Wedding Fayres in February… do come have a chat!



i do



January 14, 2015 heaw81


2014 saw a fab British Summer which also meant fab flowers!! I cut these beauties at the end of September to create two different themes for a wedding fayre with the creative results below! So, which would you choose?



bold but bare


magenta mix

January 7, 2015 heaw81

Picture1 large


Oh I do love a buttonhole! Don’t get me wrong the Bridal Bouquet is still King (or should that be Queen) of the wedding flowers but buttonholes are taking more centre stage too and rightly so! They sum up the whole floral feel in one tiny mini posey and are SO detailed! In other words, make sure you get yours snapped!

Need more buttonhole brilliance? Indulge yourself and have a look at my Pinterest Buttonholes board .

Hannah. x


December 3, 2014 heaw81

so Wednesday is here again… not sure where the weeks go but anyway… something calm and soothing for you today.

NATURAL NEUTRALS….. this is more of an overall look for your wedding day as neutral tones can mean anything in the world of flowers and plants. I quite fancied something quite unassuming this week in terms of colour palette but as you can see it’s really quite striking and anything but bland. Natural neutrals doesn’t have to stop here either… there’s a whole world of blush pinks, creams, pale yellows or shades of green to explore…. but I’ll save that for another www!

find this and more on my pinterest page

natural neutrals

November 26, 2014 heaw81

Well, hello! My first www… or should that be, Wednesday’s wedding wishlist post!

yep… www… will provide, on a weekly basis, an inspiration board for all you lovely Brides and Grooms who are looking for something special and unique. So, to kick it off I thought I’d be inspired by my nearest and dearest…. my gorgeous friends Fe and Rich are getting married next August and THANKFULLY floral arches are on the agenda! Whether it’s an eclectic mix of flowers and foliage or just full on floral, they look amazing and definitely add some special charm… oh and they make for some amazing photographs! Enjoy the snap shot below of some of my favourite arches and Fe… I CAN’T WAIT to create yours!!

Find all these gorgeous images on my Pinterest board and feel free to Pin onto your own boards! 


floral arches



October 6, 2014 heaw81

Bride and bloom will be exhibiting at The I Do In Vintage Wedding Fayre at Hotel Du Vin, Birmingham on Sunday 19th October so if you missed me at The Guildhall in Worcester yesterday come along for a chat then!

October 1, 2014 heaw81

Ever wondered what a British flower growers plot might look like?? Am very pleased to have found and visited Carol in the very local village of Eckington today, where she grows a large array of flowers… rather enjoyed getting lost with my bucket and shears! You’ll be able to see some of these fab local cut flowers at The Vintage Fayre at the Guildhall, Worcester  this Sunday 5th October!


August 18, 2014 heaw81

Wyldwoods Wedding Festival by Festoon

Well, it's taken me till now to blog about the Wyodwoods Wedding Fayre Festival organised by Ruth Tilley of Festoon! But it's worth the wait...... what a gorgeous, tucked away venue... set in the woods.... in Shropshire!

Was certainly a wedding fayre with a difference with lots of other fab suppliers, live bands, hog roast and workshops!

It was a hot and sunny day- perfect for running my flower crown workshop with some willing volunteers!