Seeing as it’s nearly Easter, I thought it apt to write about something sweet- Cake Flowers! In this conversational blog piece I’ll talk you through how I work and things to consider for your Cake Flowers.

Of course I specialise in Wedding & Event Flowers but perhaps you are considering adding some flowers to your own homemade cake for a Birthday. Please do have a read below as possible new regulations may change your mind or rethink your plans.
Frequently, I am asked by my couples to provide a selection of flowers that can be used on their cake so that there is consistency and cohesion between the two.
 ” NO PROBLEM ! ” (I used to exclaim) BUT there is now a mini snag on the horizon.
Now, this blog piece is not meant to be scare mongering- I am writing this out of my own interest and want to keep you informed of possible changes. In short the FSA are considering issuing food standards around the use of fresh flowers on cakes.
Ultimately, any flower that is used on a cake must be Food Safe (edible or non toxic to me and you).

SO, what does this mean for you the client?

Currently – keep your suppliers in the loop of your plans and put them in touch with each other for them to liaise directly with each other.
I often touch base with Cake Makers to inform them that I will supply the flowers and more often than not we discuss the floral aesthetic, cake design and what flowers might be seasonally available.
As a florist I am aware of which Flowers are toxic/ best avoided (Daffodils, Poppy’s, Foxgloves, Delphiniums)  and which Flowers are edible/ safe (Dahlias, Roses, Nasturtiums, Herbs) but it is ultimately your Cake Makers responsibility to ensure that the flowers are prepared and used correctly on the cake. My fabulous friend Bex at Home Farm Kitchen also suggests:
” Be open with your Florist and Cake Maker about your ideas to use Fresh Flowers on the cake. As professionals, we can advise and guide you to make  informed decisions that will work best for you. “
If the FSA presses ahead with these regulations, then Florist and Cake Makers alike will need some flexibility from you, the client.
Personally, I will still be happy to provide fresh blooms for your cake, however due to the need for them to be edible I will be much more limited on what flowers I can supply. It is more likely this way that the colours of the flowers won’t match your decorative florals. Are you open to this or perhaps we need to rethink your cake design and opt for a Floral Meadow that be placed around the bottom or use fresh fruit or have sugar-crafted flowers (NB please don’t ask me to make these)!
For anyone considering decorating their own cake with fresh flowers please do take care and seek advice from an experienced Cake Maker.
“Food safe” tape, mini test tubes and cocktail sticks are all great ways of placing flowers onto cake in a safe way.
But the bottom line is to keep communications open with your suppliers, and they will gladly advise you. Get in touch to discuss your Wedding or Event flowers and I’ll gladly help.

Hannah x