The month of February may not be an obvious choice for a Wedding OR for creating abundant floral designs BUT I’m here to challenge that notion and show you that floral beauty is still within reach in this blog post about Flowers of February.

Mix it up or straight stems?

Ok, so as we’ve already touched upon, February is not bursting at the seams with floral variety BUT that doesn’t mean you should JUST opt for single stems. What I mean by that, is using & grouping one variety of flower together; so groups of Snowdrops OR groups of Tulips. When I talk about “mixing it up” I’m referring to the idea of designing with a range of flowers to create something artful and well designed.

The following photos will you give you an insight as to how flowers can be created in both ways. I love the simplicity of working with straight stems especially when placed in decorative vases which can add to the visual impact. Incorporating heavily scented florals such as Narcissi & Hyacinths also adds another sensory layer – one I particularly enjoy as it adds to the sense of occasion. Working with straight stems is a good way to maximise your budget as the florals are quicker for your florist to create.


Hellebores, Ranunculus, Tulips, Narcissi, Snowflakes & Snowdrops, Heather, Hyacinths, Daffodils, Catkins, Pussy Willow and Anemones.

Curated Floral Designs

As discussed in this blog post, Curated Designs can also be described as “mixing it up”, as in, using a range of flowers and foliages to create a floral display. The Flowers of February might be limited but as you can see, curated design are still more than achievable.

To be honest, this might be my preferred way of working – I suppose it’s like having a box of paints to work with- weaving flowers together to create harmony and beauty. February may be more limited in it’s flower types and varieties but as these creations show, curated designs can still be accomplished by working with what’s seasonally available.

Photo Credit to Claire Westaway