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June 25, 2015 heaw81


This time last year I teamed up with the ridiculously talented Sam of Paper Angel Photography, Rock Follies Vintage & Revamp Art for a photoshoot at Spetchley Park Gardens… not quite sure where the past 12 months have gone but I thought it fitting to share the images one year on!


 June Styled Shoot-140
As you’ll see, it was the most gorgeous day; filled with fab vintage attire, bright British blooms and set in the stunning grounds of Spetchley! To be honest, we were spoilt for choice with the locations… we squeezed SO much in; from ribbons to table settings, a mock ceremony, pictures in the greenhouse and recreating the indoors, outdoors.


5a 6

June Styled Shoot-152

Even in the early planning stages, the ribbons were something Sam and I had had our hearts set on doing and the rest just followed. John of ReVamp Art lent us all the furniture, I raided my collection of glasses, lace and crockery… & Lynda… well, she’s just the Queen of all things vintage! From dresses to shoes, suits, accessories and all kinds of nic-nacs- you must find her- she has the best shop in Worcester !

13    18

I love the above shot… totally impromptu but it worked and was lovely to see the table have a secondary purpose to looking pretty ! Sam is one of those photographers who has the nak of getting ‘those’ shots… the ones that look easy but you never get yourself! Unsurprisingly, Sam got the photoshoot featured on the  Whimsical Wedding Wonderland blog back in February this year…. was pretty chuffed 😉

16 June Styled Shoot-182 June Styled Shoot-154

The next set of shots capture a slightly darker mood- these might actually be my favourites…. the combination of all three girls and the eerie overgrow greenhouse. It’s all a bit reminiscent of a ghost story or ‘Day of the Trifids’.



and finally the indoor-outdoor shots… lots of ‘vintage finds’ and plenty of flower filled jugs! Perfect !




Thanks again for visiting and another huge thanks to all those involed!! MWAH ! Hannah. x


PHOTOGRAPHY- Sam. Paper Angel Photography

FLOWERS & STYLING- Hannah. Bride and bloom

DRESSES, SUITS & ACCESSORIES- Lynda. Rock Follies Vintage

MAKE UP- Sophie. Sophie Cantrill Makeup Artist

VENUE- Spetchley Park Gardens

HAIR- Emma Jane. Emmarella

FURNITURE & PROPS- John Wain. Revamp Art and Home Style




May 13, 2015 heaw81

chair backs

I know you’ll have a million of other things on your mind that you consider to be “details”… BUT… do consider having chair-backs, even if just for you and your other half! They make for a fab photo and are definitely having a moment right now! For more inspiration check out my Pinterest account.

April 15, 2015 heaw81



Nothing like a bit of Spring sunshine to get the flowers growing! Happy hump day from me this www!

Hannah. x

April 1, 2015 heaw81

branching out

This blog post doesn’t need much explaining….. it’s Spring and our beautiful British nature is doing it’s thing! Why not capture it at your wedding by using some fab flowering Spring branches!? They look fab in most vessels- jars, bottles, tins, jugs…. and will certainly add  bit of statement to your day.


 So, if you’re a Spring Bride or Groom-to-be this could be a look worth considering, it is also dead easy to do if you’re thinking to DIY your own venue flowers! Similarly it’s quick for your florist to set up so will help on the purse strings if you’re using a florist.

all images are taken from pinterest.

March 11, 2015 heaw81

SPRING is a time for some wonderful BRITISH flower options… yes, ok, it’s not Summer which provides endless varieties but these flowers are SEASONAL to now and smell divine!!


This post was created out of  frustration and sadness after seeing what can only be described as a, wholly false and inaccurate “seasonal flower chart”, on a prolific wedding blog!  I appreciate that non British flower florists can buy, for example, Roses all year round (I can’t and won’t) but to state that Daffodils are in season in August is totally misleading!  It is ok to not to know what is season when- that’s my job- but for blogs, magazines and the like to publish something that is clearly made-up and so far from the truth is irresponsible; our Brides and Grooms to be deserve better than that !


 So, for what it’s worth, I thought I’d do something about it and help to rectify the flower myths! Of course temperamental weather and crop failures can impact what is available when but I wanted to create a guide for Brides and Grooms which is much more informative, realistic and seasonal for our British flowers! Enjoy!

Hannah. x

February 18, 2015 heaw81


Calling all Mums, Daughters, Aunties, Sisters, Grandmas, Girlfriends, Cousins and Nieces !

This Mothers Day, celebrate with something a bit different by coming along to one of my Floral Workshops on the 14th March!  Bring along your favourite females and learn how to create a lovely hand-tied Spring bouquet, which is yours to keep, using fabulous seasonal British Flowers and foliages. All your equipment, materials and flowers are included in the price, including copious amounts of tea, coffee and homemade cake!

Places are limited so do get in touch to book your place. Email me at hello@bridebloom.co.uk

February 4, 2015 heaw81

up in the air


I just can’t get enough of foliage and floral creations up in the air ! Certainly adds some drama and something different… hope this trend hangs around (sorry)!

January 7, 2015 heaw81

Picture1 large


Oh I do love a buttonhole! Don’t get me wrong the Bridal Bouquet is still King (or should that be Queen) of the wedding flowers but buttonholes are taking more centre stage too and rightly so! They sum up the whole floral feel in one tiny mini posey and are SO detailed! In other words, make sure you get yours snapped!

Need more buttonhole brilliance? Indulge yourself and have a look at my Pinterest Buttonholes board .

Hannah. x


December 20, 2014 heaw81

Wreath Workshop-180a

Saturday 6th December saw my first Wreath Workshop here in Worcester….  well, specifically at Warren Farm in Brockhampton. The farm is run and owned by James and Victoria Hawkins, a talented couple who produce award winning Rapeseed oil, fresh apple juice and thankfully for me, have now turned their hands to growing British Flowers! Since meeting them earlier this year, we’ve chatted over tea, coffee, cake, mud and of course flowers…. I can’t wait for the growing season to come round again…. any excuse for a natter and to pick flowers with that view!

Wreath Workshop-157a

Wreath Workshop-154a

Putting this blog post together has been a real pleasure and I hope you enjoy it… I won’t chat too much but you must know that it was SOOO much fun! We had the most perfect crisp Winters day for it, everyone who came was lovely and working with James and Victoria is just so easy… especially as Victoria makes a mean mince pie!  Oh and Sam…… my lovely mate Sam… the talented lady who took all these pictures! We’ve only known each other nine months or so but I have to say, she’s a bloody good laugh and a talented photographer to boot! So thanks again Sam…. you’re a keeper!

Wreath Workshop-125a

Wreath Workshop-112aWreath Workshop-113a

Wreath Workshop-115a Wreath Workshop-121a

Ok, I said I wouldn’t chat too much but for those who haven’t made a wreath from scratch….. first off you moss a wire ring- as illustrated above by the lovely Cheryl (love this shot)! Next, choose your materials, create bundles and bind them onto the mossed ring with the reel wire.

Wreath Workshop-107a

Wreath Workshop-131a

Wreath Workshop-127a

keep layering and binding on your bundles until you fill the mossed ring…..

Wreath Workshop-142aWreath Workshop-134a

Wreath Workshop-a

Wreath Workshop-144a

    Here I am, lending a hand to Cheryl… apart from the odd suggestion, she and the rest of the group “got it” and they were soon fully immersed in              decorating their wreaths. I love how a room falls silent to concentration… it’s how I felt when I did my floristry courses and to be honest,                   to witness it in my own workshop made me feel very proud!

Wreath Workshop-179a Wreath Workshop-153a

Wreath Workshop-160a

so while we crafted our wreaths, winter continued and the chickens roamed…

we did, of course finish our masterpieces- ALL completely different and unique… here are a few… with an obligatory group photo, no less!

Wreath Workshop-186a

Wreath Workshop-173a

Wreath Workshop-166a

Wreath Workshop-165a

Wreath Workshop-199a

 Well, I hope you enjoyed my most epic blog post yet!? Come 2015 there will be alot more of these and of course, MORE workshops;             handtieds and floral crowns to name a few will be on the agenda, so keep your eyes peeled or get in touch to organise your own group session!

          As you might have been able to tell, I had a tough job deciding on which photos to blog but you can check-out some of the others below.            PHOTOS: Sam of Paper Angel Photography  VENUE: Warren Farm

Wreath Workshop-108a Wreath Workshop-101a Wreath Workshop-105a Wreath Workshop-102a Wreath Workshop-163a

Wreath Workshop-164a Wreath Workshop-118a Wreath Workshop-116a Wreath Workshop-122a Wreath Workshop-136a

Wreath Workshop-140a Wreath Workshop-138a Wreath Workshop-148a Wreath Workshop-104a Wreath Workshop-149a

 Wreath Workshop-176a Wreath Workshop-180a Wreath Workshop-177a Wreath Workshop-194a Wreath Workshop-109a