How to hold your Bouquet

Oh, I am sure you have found multiple articles are written about how to hold your bouquet what the shape of your bouquet must be according to what dress star you have got well. I’m here to tell you that none of that matters all that matters is you’re wearing the dress of your dreams and your bridal bouquet is as you pictured!

Sure, holding your bouquet a certain way will make for some lovely photos but you shouldn’t stress about it. I can tell you and I can show you but ultimately, just be focused on the moment and the fact that you’re marrying your true love, surrounded by friends and family that love you, and want to celebrate with you.

On the morning of your wedding and after I’ve set up your Floral installations, I will come and find you and your bridal party to present to you, your bouquet and any other items you may have selected. I’ve got to say this moment can be quite nerve- wracking for me but it is also the bit I totally love as it’s a culmination of our working relationship and the pinnacle of all the flowery hours that I’ve put in, to create the flowers of your dreams.

Curated Floral Design Bouquets by Bride and Bloom

When I present your Bouquet, I like to think that it is a really special moment for you and I know having had feedback from photographers, videographers, hair and make up, the BRIDE AND BLOOM experience is something really quite special.

You won’t have to go and find your flowers which may have just been ” dropped off ” and left for you to locate… I pride BRIDE AND BLOOM on delivering an amazing customer service. After all, this is the full bespoke service and getting to know you and your partner to help create a really special moment for you to treasure is something I pride myself on doing!

During the presentation (no PowerPoint screens I might add)  I’ll talk to you through your bouquet – what flowers are included and what is special to your bouquet and your partners flowers. I like to incorporate something unique and special to you both that isn’t featured anywhere else in the Wedding Flowers- so something that ties you together.

That doesn’t mean the other Bridal party items are any less considered, just versions that are gently related to yours.

So to the main title of this blog – How to Hold Your Bouquet- YES- I will show you how to hold your bouquet! Probably best we do this when I present your bouquet on the morning of your wedding but I am more than happy to chat this through with you on our calls.

Also, just to say – the way I show you how to hold it is not a rigid or set thing- it is merely a guide and to help you feel a little less nervous. I’d say most of what I tell you will go in one ear and out the other anyway pre ceremony… ultimately you may only apply the “holding technique” for your more formal photos and if you have a great photographer they’ll certainly help instruct you too.

Tell Me Now!

And if you can’t wait for me to tell/ show you how to hold your bouquet on the day then here is what you came here to read:

Holding the bouquet at it’s neck (that’s where the flowers are tied) instead of holding the flowers up so that the stems point down- just tip the flowers forard, away from your body, so that the stems are closest to you. Garden to your lady garden so they say (feel free to cringe but yes it is half true)

Basically the idea is that your partner, guests and photographer get to see all those lovely flowery faces and not the stems.

I’ve added in some images into this post to show you what I mean… obviously in some of the photos you can see some stems- but you know what – who cares! The flowers and Brides still loo amazing and I’d far rather you be in the moment and enjoy every bit of your special day!

If you’re still unsure, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me via email on or via the Contact Page 

I’d be more than happy to help.
Hannah x