When & How to Plan your Wedding Flowers

You’ve booked your venue and registrar… but what and who to book next?

Organising a wedding can feel overwhelming and there are so many elements to consider like the number of guests, timings, food, who to ask to be your Best Man or Bridesmaid… Flowers can also seem mind-boggling, how do you know what is “in-season” and what should you have and where??  

I’ve compiled a little advise on How to Plan your Wedding Flowers below which I hope you will find useful and if you’re struggling then I know a really good florist who is always happy to help – Let’s Chat

Seasonally Inspired Wedding Flowers by Bride and Bloom | Worcester studio florist

Do some Research

Venues are a great place to enquire about recommended Wedding suppliers. It’s worth investigating each supplier as they will have knowledge of the venue and can hep guide you through the process. That said, perhaps you have friends who can recommend you a florist or maybe you’ve seen someone’s work online… However you find any supplier, research them and make sure their work appeals.

Find out if they have they worked at your chosen venue (a bit of social media stalking here is fine), they will have ideas around what works well in the venue space, however, if they’ve not worked there, please don’t dismiss them- they may bring a fresh perspective and I can guarantee they’ll want to do an amazing job a a new venue so that they can potentially become a recommended supplier.

Will they travel? I know I will but but only up to or just over an hour away from my studio… this is for environmental reasons as I believe we should all try to work as locally as possible.

Does their style suit you? Have you vision of red roses everywhere in February ? If so, then I’m not your girl #sorrynotsorrry.

Do they have a minimum spend and what’s your budget?  Clearly if you have decided on a £2k flower budget, then a florist with a minimum spend of £6k is not for you. Don’t take it personally – again this is a business model and is what works for that florist. Your floral budget is entirely up to you – there are no rights or wrongs- just what you want to spend so don’t be swayed one way or the other.

In terms of budget, identify what’s important for you to have, whether that’s to have every pew end at the church decorated or just to have Bouquets and Buttonholes, work out what is non negotiable and layer on top any additional decor from there.

I’d also advise you to collate imagery of floral styles / looks you like… if you’re unsure then your chosen florist should be able to help advise you and show examples of their work. I have various Pinterest boards organised by venue and season to help my couples so please do take a look HERE.

Think Seasonally

I know…. you’ve no idea what is flowering when… BUT you will know that Autumn lends itself to warm tones and Summer to muted creams or bright bold colours.

Consider what colours you like to wear – can this translate into a colour palette for the wedding? I love the fresh contrast of yellows and purples in early Spring, developing into clashing pinks, purples and reds of late Spring (think Ranunculus and Peonies).

Summer has the variety and fullness so here you will find a greater range of colour palettes to play with –  go neutral or add shades or pops of colour to add more depth.

Autumn can be rich rust, burnt colours but can also translate into a foliage heavy look with surprising pops of purple from Asters and Verbena.

Winter is more minimal- dried seed pods, branches or evergreens … colour from berries or dried flowers can add a twist on the classic Winter Christmas look.

Be open about your Budget

Ideally, once you’ve contacted a florist you should receive some more info about how they work and a guideline price-list. Please don’t forget that florists also need to cost in other factors like their design time, set up, freelancers, clear down and travel. This can all be advised on once you’ve had a consultation, a quote has been submitted and you’ve advised your requirements.

I like to discuss and make my couples aware of this during the consultation stage so there are no huge surprises when they receive their quote. I would also encourage you to be open about your budget. If your budget is £1000 then let your florist know that way they can help manage your expectations and make suggestions for you accordingly.

Why are Florist costs so different?

Every florist will calculate their costs differently to the next pending their overheads and business model so it can be a false economy to compare florists.

It is also worth considering if you had a 10 minute phone call or did you have a full 60 minute face-to-face consultation with your florist? Was the quote a one page Word Doc or a beautifully presented PDF? Again, neither is right or wrong but it may indicate the level of service you prefer and expect.

These latter points are very much more in keeping with my style and way of working- I’m a natural people person so I love to hear the detail and excitement of your wedding plans. For me, this builds into the overall experience of planning your wedding and is a process I want you to enjoy.

Find suppliers whose work you love and whose ethos and morals align with yours… do these things and you are onto a winner.

Enjoy the planning, enjoy the journey and enjoy the end creations!

Hannah x